The adventures of Mulder & Scully out of the Cupboard.

TERRI: Hate him!

MARGI: Hate him, wouldn’t wanna date him!

TERRI: Hate her.

MARGI: Hate her, wouldn’t wanna date her.

TERRI: Hi, Scott.

TERRI: Scott Simic, babe-a-licious in overtime seeing.

TERRI: Craig Wilmore.

MARGI: Hate him, roger.

ZIRINKA: We’re heading into a rare planetary alignment, where Mercury, Mars and Uranus are extreme influences.

MULDER: On what?

ZIRINKA:  Office hours are nine to five, all major credit cards accepted.

MULDER: Well, what do you think is going on, if I may ask?

ZIRINKA: Well, I think the whole town’s lost its marbles.

WHITE: Nobody is trying to entrap you.

ZIRINKA: Eh, yeah, right. There are a lot of loonies running around this town that like to think that I’m a Satanist. But the truth is, I’m just a number cruncher, trying to make an honest living.

ZIRINKA: Let me make sure I heard you right, you say you see horns.

MULDER: Do you see a, a goat here, some kinda beast?

ZIRINKA: This is a trick, right, to try and entrap me.

The weekend is here - kick back and relax. =D

The weekend is here - kick back and relax. =D

How we roll. #tinyagents #hateherhateherwouldntwanttodateher #behindthescenes

How we roll. #tinyagents #hateherhateherwouldntwanttodateher #behindthescenes

MULDER: Eh, first off, I’d like to apologize for my partner’s rude behavior, she tends to be rather rigid, but, but rigid in a wonderful way, not like she was today. Personally, I’d like to try to keep a more open mind.

WHITE: So, what are you doing at my house?

MULDER: I was hoping you could help me solve the mystery of the horny beast. 

MULDER: Oh, hi.

WHITE: Eh, hi. What are you doing with my cat?

MULDER: He was scratching to get in and I thought, with the threat of satanic animal sacrifices looming, maybe you should keep him inside.