The adventures of Mulder & Scully out of the Cupboard.

"I’m sure I saw it go down here, Scully."


"I’m sure I saw it go down here, Scully."

Weekend Idea Time


I’m currently considering my post-Syzygy projects. If anyone has specific episodes or ideas you’d like to see feel free to let me know.

Obviously Tiny Agent projects depend a lot on what I have in my arsenal of things left over from my Barbie Doll Childhood Days & what I can get inexpensively…

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MULDER: If it’s no bother, if it’s not too big a deal, maybe you can get me a few photographs of that thing which bears absolutely no resemblance to a horned beast.

So - it’s been 4 months since my last post and that has mainly been because my life exploded a bit. 

I do plan on trying to take some additional photos before the summer is up and hopefully getting back to things again.

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TERRI: Hate him!

MARGI: Hate him, wouldn’t wanna date him!

TERRI: Hate her.

MARGI: Hate her, wouldn’t wanna date her.

TERRI: Hi, Scott.

TERRI: Scott Simic, babe-a-licious in overtime seeing.

TERRI: Craig Wilmore.

MARGI: Hate him, roger.

ZIRINKA: We’re heading into a rare planetary alignment, where Mercury, Mars and Uranus are extreme influences.

MULDER: On what?

ZIRINKA:  Office hours are nine to five, all major credit cards accepted.

MULDER: Well, what do you think is going on, if I may ask?

ZIRINKA: Well, I think the whole town’s lost its marbles.

WHITE: Nobody is trying to entrap you.

ZIRINKA: Eh, yeah, right. There are a lot of loonies running around this town that like to think that I’m a Satanist. But the truth is, I’m just a number cruncher, trying to make an honest living.

ZIRINKA: Let me make sure I heard you right, you say you see horns.

MULDER: Do you see a, a goat here, some kinda beast?

ZIRINKA: This is a trick, right, to try and entrap me.

The weekend is here - kick back and relax. =D

The weekend is here - kick back and relax. =D